Spider Web Technique

The Spider Web Technique is a different and a newly developed skin tightening and rejuvenating technique developed by Doctor B. This technique is inspired from the spider web, the strongest and the most elegant structure of the nature. This newly developed technique is now being used as an alternative method of facelift surgeries in more simple and safe way with effective results. Besides, unlike lifting surgeries, patients can put on make-up and return to their daily activities right after the procedure. This safe technique can also be performed on any parts of the skin where needed; the neck, arms, breast, buttocks and inner thighs. It is performed by the placement of polydioxanone sutures to subcutaneous tissue via thin needles and knitting them together under the skin. Tissue reaction occurred against these sutures which were knitted just like the spider web results in collagen production with the help of fibroblasts and growth factors. Collagens surround the sutures and create a natural web structure. 


  • No pain
  • No incision
  • No scars
  • Simple and safe
  • Very short recovery time
  • Triggers collagen production
  • Back to daily life right after the procedure


“You experience the most natural and real rejuvenation with Spider Web Aestethic”

Doctor B  


What is Spider Web Aestethic?

Spider Web Aestethic is a face lift method which is applied to the face area that shows the first signs of aging and other parts of the body that has loss of form problems. This method is developed by Doctor B and patented by the European Patent Institute. It is an operation that can be applied to everyone who want to renew their skin, make it younger and in fact stop the time. When the face becomes unable to resist the force of gravity and begins to suffer from a loss of volume and form, these are the first signs of aging. Despite all these drawbacks, a new source of hope for those unwilling to be operated, Spider Web Aestethic has much more effect and advantages compared to the conventional facelift methods. Spider Web Aesthetic is one of the most preferred application because it provides a much firmer and younger look without any scars.

Spider Web Aestethic can be applied with Cihantimur Fat Transfer System and this application provides an improved contour to the area with a loss of form and stem cells advantages with fat filling application. The type of face lift method appropriate for you, the amount of the threads to be placed are decided after the pre-interview and examination with Doctor B.


 "Our face has the “V” shape when we are young, but as we age it takes the “U” shape.” We turn “U” into the “V’” with the Spider Web Aestethic"

Doctor B  


Who can get Spider Web Aestethic?

If you have sagging skin on your face, wrinkles around your mouth, reduction in the facial fat volume, jowl formation and sagging chin and similar skin problems and losses of form, you can get Spider Web Aestethic. We've included the potential problems below that can help you. Those who have one or more are appropriate candidates for Spider Web Aestethic:

  • Lines on the forehand
  • Frown lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Hollows under the eyes
  • Facial volume loss
  • Marionette lines
  • Sagging jowls
  • General facial skin laxity

Examination of the Spider Web Aestethic

When you come to our clinic, Doctor B examines you during a pre-interview. Also, he answers your questions. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your face is measured. After the problems and deformation on your face is examined, the number of threads to be placed and other possible applications are decided.


 “Actually, what we’re all looking for is “freshness”. Spider Web Aestethic gives us freshness”

Doctor B  


Application of the Spider Web Aestethic

In Spider Web Aesthetic, firstly your face is cleaned, an anesthetic cream is applied and the operation begins.  Very thin needles are inserted into the skin to inject PDO (polydioxanone) threads.  As a reaction to the PDO threads, the body starts producing fibroblasts and collagen that contains growth factor.  The lifting effect is doubled on your face. Fat is taken from your body and transferred to the required areas. The difference can be observed immediately after the application. The effects will become more visible in time, as the skin tightens.  

The final result is observed after 6 months and its effect will continue 12-18 months and maybe for years depending on your collagen quality. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

After the Spider Web Aestethic

Spider Web Aestethic is a very practical operation, you can put your make up on and leave the hospital right after the process and return to your normal daily life the other day. Moisturizers, sun protection lotions that you will use for the rest of your life will minimize the sun’s damage and help you to protect your younger look. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle allows these results to last longer.


  • It can be applied without surgery in a very short time
  • The patient does not feel any pain
  • Make-up can be applied immediately after the treatment
  • Threads dissolve and they are harmless to the body
  • Activates the production of collagen
  • Removes fine wrinkles, instant recovery is achieved
  • It is simple and safe, and performed under local anesthesia
  • The effect is not temporary and it stays for years, according to your collagen quality
  • There are no scars, the application is repeatable and it has no side effects
  • Corrects the contour without losing the natural look
  • Face gets smaller and younger
  • It tightens, smoothes and revitalizes the skin

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Spider Web Technique