Simple Rhinoplasty

Most patients do not require a major rhinoplasty. Drooping nose, basic nasal humps and nostril asymmetry can be corrected with a simple rhinoplasty procedure. Doctor B can perform a simple rhinoplasty procedure in mild cases with his own method named simple rhinoplasty in which bone tissue of the nose is protected during surgery and this provides patient a faster and more comfortable recovery period. 


  • No bruising or edema
  • Back to normal activities next day.
  • Easy application
  • Very fast recovery time
  • Reduced bruising and pain
  • No intranasal dressing required
  • The Bone tissue of the nose is protected
  • Very low complication risk


“If you analyze the major developments in plastic surgery in recent years, you will notice that the duration of the surgeries have shortened and they are now much easier thanks to different techniques. At this point, the main goal for the patients is faster healing process, immediate return to social and business life and minimum risks. Simple Rhinoplasty is one of these operations.

Doctor B  


What is Simple Rhinoplasty?

Simple Rhinoplasty is the latest technology developed by Doctor B. We know that the nose reinforces a person’s facial expression and beauty and everyone who has a problematic nose, considers getting rhinoplasty. But long recovery period and swelling and bruising face for 2-3 weeks causes most people to avoid rhinoplasty. At this point, the simple rhinoplasty emerges as one of the best alternatives. Simple rhinoplasty provides you the comfort to go back to your work the day after, since does not require tampons or bandages, causes almost no swelling and bruising, it is performed under local anesthesia and lasts as little as 15-20 minutes. 

The post-operation bruisings are minimal in Simple Rhinoplasty and this is one of the most important advantages of the surgery. Bruising is not expected for this simple rhinoplasty. A patient treated with this technique can go back to their work the next day. Tampons or nasal plasters used in nasal surgery are not used in this technique.  Pain and scars are minimal in these operations compared to the other rhinoplasty types and also the risks are minimized since it is a small-scale surgery.


"The nose is not an organ that beautifies the face; hair, skin, eyes and lips completes the whole"

Doctor B  


Who can get Simple Rhinoplasty?

This operation does not require plasters or tampons and it provides a comfortable process. Also, it can be performed on anyone who is afraid of classic rhinoplasty, wants to immediately return to their social life and doesn’t want a radical change.

Examination of Simple Rhinoplasty

Doctor B begins the examination of Simple Rhinoplasty by examining your nose and total facial structure. He examines your bone structure, nose tip then he answers your questions and hears your expectations. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your nose is measured.


“A beautiful nose and a natural nose is different concepts. Always choose natural looks. Simple rhinoplasty offers the most natural form "

Doctor B  


Application of Simple Rhinoplasty

The Simple Rhinoplasty operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. After the area is anesthetized, intranasal is formed, tip of the nose is corrected, suspended and lifted with fine-tipped tools and if the nose is humped, the hump is lightly smoothened. The process is completed in approximately 15-20 minutes.

 After Simple Rhinoplasty

Simple Rhinoplasty is a very practical operation, you can leave the hospital right after the process and go back to your normal daily life the other day. The Simple rhinoplasty causes almost no bruising and swelling and it will not cause you any aches and pains.

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