Revision Rhinoplasty

After a rhinoplasty operation, if desired results are not obtained, the revision operations might be necessary. Traditional rhinoplasty surgery deals with nose collapse and other irregularities and it is an invasive surgery that makes changes in the basic structure of the nose once again and this might lead to more complications and a longer healing period. However, our new approach in revision operations using autologous cell enriched fat transfer to required areas with irregularities, patients experience less surgical trauma, less change in the basic structures of the nose, thus a shorter and more comfortable healing period with more successful results. 


  • Expertise of Doctor B


“In rhinoplasty, the age and gender of the patient determines the operation. Since these two matters are ignored, my patients apply to me for Revision Rhinoplasty”

Doctor B  


What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a technique that is applied to those who had rhinoplasty before, but didn’t get good results or had their nose deformed due to a faulty application. We always hear the same statements from patients who have come to Doctor B for Revision Rhinoplasty. They have some complaints that their nose don’t suit their face, it does not belong to them or the operation is too obvious. As Doctor B says, the most important issue here is the gender of the patient. If you design the same nose for all the patients, you cannot achieve natural results. Men anatomically have a more stern facial expression than women. Their foreheads are more angular than women. Also, everybody experiences a slight drooping on their nose due to gravity in time. If you design a nose without considering your patient’s age and gender, your result turns out to be unmatching to the face. In fact, sometimes we need to make bone or cartilage supplements taken from other parts of the body for the patients who have serious problems because their nose cartilage or bone was excessively smoothened. Moreover, in Revision Rhinoplasty, collapse and skin problems occurred because of the previous nose surgery, are solved permanently with stem cell enriched fat injection. Skin quality is refreshed due to the advantages of stem cells.

Who can get Revision Rhinoplasty?

Those who had rhinoplasty before and feel unsatisfied in terms of aesthetic look or health can get Revision Rhinoplasty.

Examination of Revision Rhinoplasty

The Revision Rhinoplasty examination begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Aesthetic and health related problems in your nose are identified. Planning for Revision Rhinoplasty. Also, Doctor B answers your questions and listens to your expectations about your nose. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your nose is measured.


Revision Rhinoplasty is much more difficult than regular rhinoplasty and it requires expertise. Not every surgeon can perform Revision Rhinoplasty. First of all, the patient is upset and full of dissappointment. When we examine the reason of the mistake, we generally observe the miscommunication between patient and surgeon. Therefore, communication has always been my primary goal "

Doctor B  


Application of Revision Rhinoplasty

The Revision Rhinoplasty operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. The aim here is to solve the problem by applying revision, no matter how big the aesthetic or functional problem. Therefore, the surgeon should be an expert on the Revision Rhinoplasty, in other words secondary rhinoplasty. Doctor B’s experiences on Revision Rhinoplasty allowed him to get many positive results and therefore patient satisfaction.  In Rhinoplasty, intranasal cartilages are often used and their places are changed to reshape the nose. If it is untouched, in Revision Rhinoplasty the nose is reshaped by using the septal nasal cartilage. But when they come to Doctor B, their septal cartilage is touched and there is cartilage tissue no left to reshape. This time, cartilage is taken from elsewhere in the body and the cartilage is shaped for the nose. Stem cell enriched fat injection obtained from the patient’s own fat with Cihantimur Fat Transplant method is used to solve the problems such as nose collapse or lack of fatty tissue. Enriched with stem cell, this fat works as a filling and provides the patient with a lifelong comfort.

After Revision Rhinoplasty

It is possible to experience bruises around the eyes after Revision Rhinoplasty. However, these bruises disappear in 3-4 days. And edema is reduced day by day. After Revision Rhinoplasty, you observe the final results in 6 months, that’s why patients should be tolerant during this period and wait for this much better final look. In Revision Rhinoplasty operations, you spend a night at the hospital and return to your business life in approximately 10 days.

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