Non Surgical Neck Beautification

Neck aesthetic is an issue which should be considered as a whole along with facial aesthetics. It is a continuation of facial aesthetics and deformation develops simultaneously. We can observe drooping despite the young age due to genetic reasons or weight changes in the neck area which is one of the first places that show the signs of aging like the face. Deformities such as the look of a deflated balloon, extra fat tissue, muscle structure affected by the gravity are among the major issues of the Non Surgical Neck Beautification operation applied by Doctor B.



  • Painless
  • No scars
  • Simple and safe
  • Very quick recovery time
  • Triggers collagen production
  • Back to daily life immediately after the procedure


“Tightness, freshness and liveliness are the elements that we always see on a young face, with aesthetic surgery and medical applications, we are able to provide these elements but most people neglect and ignore deformities on their neck, and only focus on their face. However, the neck is a continuation of the face, and cannot be considered separately and when is neglected it shows the age”

Doctor B  


What is Non Surgical Neck Beautification?

Non Surgical Neck Beautification is an application that solves the potential problems in the neck area. The most common problem in the neck area is the formation of jowl. Jowl droops in time, skin structure of the area loses its form. In some cases, we observe prominent platysmal bands which may be caused by genetic substructure and observed in younger people. These vertical bands and other neck deformities overshadow the beauty regardless of the tightness and freshness of the face. In the Non Surgical Neck Beautification application, Doctor B solves all problems without any surgical operation by using the Spider Web Aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer developed by himself.

Who can get Non Surgical Neck Beautification?

Those who have problems in their neck such as drooping, loosing, jowl formation or prominent platysmal band due to aging or genetic reasons, are the best candidates for Non Surgical Neck Beautification. Also, Non Surgical Neck Beautification can be applied to the neck area of those who don’t have a problem yet, as a preventive treatment option.

Examination of Non Surgical Neck Beautification

Doctor B examines the deformation in the neck region in Non Surgical Neck Beautification examination and plans the application. Also, he answers your questions and listens to your expectations about your neck. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your neck is measured.


“Non Surgical Neck Beautification fixes the problems in the neck area, as well as keeping the area young and fresh. This application refreshes the stability of the neck beauty as a preventive measure against deformation”

Doctor B  


Application of Non Surgical Neck Beautification

Non Surgical Neck Beautification operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. Firstly, developed by Doctor B, the Spider Web Aesthetic which is an alternative to surgical skin stretching technique is applied to the neck area. A number of threads which are determined in accordance with the degree of deformation on the neck of a patient are placed in the subcutaneous skin through fine-pointed needles. Reacting to the threads, the body increases the production of collagen in the area and  accelerates the formation of elastin and fibroblasts. Whereby, the neck is stretched and the current deformation begins to gain form in time. While Spider Web Aestethic provides tightness, resistance to gravity and vitality to the skin structure, fat accumulation in the jowl is removed with the Cihantimur Fat Transplant method. This fat is enriched with stem cells and injected on the prominent platysmal bands as a thin line. With this technique, it is possible to get a smoother, tighter and younger neck structure which does not show the platysmal bands. The advantage of the rapid improvement provided by the stem cells, helps the patients to experience an extremely comfortable healing process. All these procedures are completed in a very short time, applied through micro entries without incision and the results are very natural. You immediately can go back to your social life and continue your daily routines without the need of any dressing or bandage. 

After The Non Surgical Neck Beautification

You can go back to your social life and continue your daily routines without the need of any dressing or bandage immediately after Non Surgical Neck Beautification and start working in 1-2 days.

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