Cihantimur Fat Transfer System

The fat transfer system allows us to transfer the fat tissue taken from any part of your body to another part. Fat injections get very good feedbacks by providing excellent compatibility with plastic surgery procedures. Injections in problematic areas that need improvement and volume, provide long-lasting and safe results because the fat tissue is viable. If the collected fat contaminates with air, heat or environmental factors, this can lead to negative results. With Cihantimur’s patented and awarded fat transfer system, the fat tissue is collected as purified and enriched from stem cells and transferred to the desired area in a closed system. Thus, the viability of the fat tissue is protected. The viability of the transferred fat cells with this patented and awarded method is much better compared to other fat transfer methods.


  • Higher viability rate of the collected cells
  • Closed system (no contamination)
  • Concentrated young and healthy adipocytes and stem cells
  • Short transfer time (in 30 minutes)
  • All advantages of the stem cells
  • Fast recovery
  • Permanence

What is Cihantimur Fat Transfer System?

The Cihantimur Fat Transfer is a process that transfers fat tissue from a part of the body to another part that needs without having any losses in terms of stem cells. Its difference from regular fat transfer applications is that its closed lipokit system which prevents the collected fat contacting with air. In the traditional fat injections, some amount of fat is removed from the regional lipoidosis of the patient. This fat is degraded with a centrifuge. Only the fat layer is injected into the area of need. There is a commonly ignored issue there; many tissues die during this process. To compensate for this dead tissue, much more fat is injected because the purpose is to increase the rate of the viable tissues. As a result, an undesired swelling occurs in the transfer area. Dead tissue is rapidly excreted from the body and since the patient returns to his/her previous state in an average of 2-3 months, they begin to complain that the application didn’t work..


Why stem cells? Because stem cells are the source of life, because the stem cells are the biggest trump of the 21st century. This is a key component that is going to be used in the further periods of aesthetic surgery. It has maintenance features on the area where the stem cells are transferred. There have many different potentials and they are unique. For example, when we apply the stem cell enriched fat transfer to your face, stem cells will accelerate the recovery process, correct your skin color and start renewing the transferred area. Since they are viable and exist in the fat tissue the most, the provide amazing results on the area they are transferred and a lifelong comfort to the patient. 

Doctor B  


The Difference of Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique

We get many positive feedbacks as a result of the fat injections performed by using Cihantimur Fat Transfer developed by Doctor B. Cihantimur Fat Transfer does not let viable tissue waste and in this application, %100 viable tissue with stem cells are generally removed from the pelvic area of the patient. Viable tissue continues to live in the fat which is removed, processed and transferred  with this method of Doctor B. The fat instantly adapts to the area, it is injected, it provides a fuller look and wrinkle treatment in appropriate proportions. Almost all of the stem cells remain viable, and they continue their lives without destroying the structure of normal cells.

Who can get Cihantimur Fat Transfer System?

Cihantimur Fat Transfer can be preferred by anyone who desires a natural look and it can be used in many areas including facial wrinkles and loss of form, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, contour editing, leg surgery, Brazilian butt surgery, vaginal aesthetics.

Examination of Cihantimur Fat Transfer System

Cihantimur Fat Transfer System is removing the fat from the regional lipoidosis area and transferring it to the required area, that’s why the first thing that Doctor B does in the pre-examination is examining the existing fat tissue.  Then transfer area is examined. Also, Doctor B answers your questions and your photographs are taken for medical records.

Application of Cihantimur Fat Transfer System

In Cihantimur Fat Transfer, Doctor B performs autologous fat transplantation. The size of the devices, syringes, capsules and cannulas used during this process is developed after measuring them one by one. The fat tissue we work on is actually a very fragile matter.  If the cannulas or syringe to be used during the fat removal is too narrow, the stem cells cannot be collected as desired. If it is too thick or long, they die because of air contact. Likewise, the capsules where fat is collected should be airproof. Even the centrifuge device which separates the blood from stem cell is very important. If the device performs the separation process very fast and for a very long time, the stem cells will die. These details are the most common mistakes made during classic fat injections. Mostly, the transfer is performed without paying attention these steps and small details. In Cihantimur Fat Transfer, all these stages, devices, sensitivity settings, protection from the air are detailed with careful calculations. In this system developed by Doctor B, he damages this miraculous material that is the patient’s stem cells and tries to keep them alive to perform the transfer. Doctor B successfully completes these stages and injects the viable stem cells to the desired area. Also, since the tissue comes from the patient’s own body, there isn’t any risk of contamination, allergic reaction, autoimmune disease or tissue rejection.

After Cihantimur Fat Transfer System

Your experiences after Cihantimur Fat Transfer depends on the performed application. The fat is removed and transferred from micro openings without incision and provides a huge comfort for the patients during the recovery period. The recovery period varies depending on the capacity of the transplanted fat. You can review the pages related to the procedures that you are interested.

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