Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is a surgical intervention that aims to improve the organ's functionality or aesthetic appearance. To date, countless surveys have been conducted about the size of the penis, and the majority of women replied that the size of the penis is not very important. Men, however, give utmost importance to the issue of size and underline that when they are naked, they feel themselves inadequate with their sufficiently thick or long penis.

Recently, polls have been published in relation to the penis size of different nationalities and races, and have led to many jokes and debates on social media and the internet. All this is evident in men, possibly imposing the idea that their penis should be bigger, taller, or both. As a result of all these, many cream, injection and mechanical devices are sold in the market today. This is extremely distressing, as most of these mechanisms are either fake, ineffective, or extremely dangerous for the body. As a result of advances in medical science, penis aesthetics offer different treatment options to improve the size of the penis:

  • Fat transfer to the penis
  • PRP to the penis, PShot

In addition, the liposuction and sagging problems of the pubic region is among the practices we have done under the title of penis aesthetics.

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer to the Penis

Autologous fat transfer is one of the most effective treatments used in plastic surgery for many years. Rejuvenation, scar tissue correction, skin improvement and volume of the body we want to use is often used in every forehead. With the discovery of stem cells in adipose tissue, we have reached a tremendous amount of information. This also gave us some successful results that we could not imagine before. Stem cells in fat are now frequently used in penis aesthetics

The reason for the preference of fat transfer in penis enlargement is that autologous fat is obtained from the fat of the patient's own body and is almost always in sufficient quantities. Does not form an allergic reaction and intolerance.

Fat transfer for penis enlargement is a surgical procedure that provides significant thickening. The penis is a special organ that is constantly in motion. It has a shrinking and expanding structure. During erection, it extends and expands. For this reason, it is extremely important that the fat to be transferred is enriched from the stem cell. The main idea in the transfer of the fat in the penis is to provide more mass by using a fat graft enriched with stem cells and to ensure that the fat remains in this motile organ for a long time. It has been observed that this valuable fat injected into the connective tissue parts of the penis, ie, the transfer of the stem cells with a high density of stem cells, remained longer and even accompanied the aging process.

But as I said, since the penis is an active organ, I also recommend PRP PShot to the patients who have different advantages in order to increase the rate of adherence of the fat in this region. You can review PShot stem cell therapy in the next section.

I would also like to emphasize that if you visit my clinic again for specific time periods, you can progressively make the rich fat transfer from the stem cell, which is extremely safe if you wish.

Application of Fat Transfer to the Penis

In the operating room environment, 100 cc of fat is usually taken with liposuction from the abdomen or side of the patient. This fat is made by centrifugation and the stem cell portion is obtained up to 40-50 cc. Injection is made around the penis in several regions and the process is completed. It is a repeatable treatment, not only does it cause any damage, but it also improves the problems of erectile problems, not only the thickening of the penis, but also the sexual performance.

If you wish, during the operation, more fat can be taken from the stem cell and stored in the stem cell bank on your behalf.

After Fat Transfer to the Penis

The penis is wound to limit the expansion and contraction of the structure after treatment. With the fat injection, the growth of the penis is observed from 8-9 cm to 16-17 cm. It is recommended to avoid sexual activity for several days.

At the end of the month following the recovery period, the treatment of PRP without any surgery for 1 to 3 sessions will make the results much better.

PRP Stem Cell Treatment to the Penis

Thanks to advances in medical science, the PRP, which is referred to as Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, can now be applied without surgery in penis enlargement treatments. Just like the PRP therapy we do, we get very good results with this method. Penis PRP injection not only changes size, it also brings a stronger erection. PRP treatment, a state-of-the-art treatment for penis aesthetics, is an treatment that involves injecting the patient's own stem cell into the penis. This treatment is also called P Shot. Erectile Dysfunction without any hormonal or psychological problems, ie patients with erectile dysfunction can benefit from this procedure. The PRP is derived from the patient's own blood so there is no risk of infection. Through this effective and safe penis enlargement procedure, more and more men are applying to obtain the look they want.

Stem cell therapy today is a procedure that is applied to people suffering from sexual performance loss due to the side effects of age and various drug therapies in the treatment of diseases such as prostate enlargement, prostate cancer. This reliable treatment which has no side effects at the same time,

• Increase in penis length,

• Increase in sexual pleasure,

• Development of sexual abilities,

• Analyzing the problem of premature ejaculation,

• Analyzing problems such as penile stiffness and erection capacity

extremely useful, fast, natural and effective method.

The richness and growth factors of the vascular stem cells, especially in the stem cell treatment, provide a long-lasting and permanent innovation in the penis area. New vessel formation, new cell and tissue formation, P Shot also increases blood circulation and increases the amount of blood coming into the penis.

PRP to the Penis

In practice, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient's arm. The blood is then centrifuged with a specific sterile technique to isolate and concentrate the platelets. Injection is done in the area that provides erection in the penis. If an unsuitable centrifuge system is used, the platelet can be degraded and growth factors cannot be taken. For this reason, it is very important to obtain PRP injection without damaging the brittle platelets. PRP regenerates skin, blood vessels, nerves and growth using stimulated platelet-derived growth factors. Penis PRP therapy has the potential to increase the sensation of the penis skin, improve erection and enhance the penis circumference.

After PRP to the Penis

You can immediately switch to your social life after PRP. I would recommend sexual abstinence for 1-2 days. We recommend the treatment of Penise PRP in 3 sessions within 6 months

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