General Information About Leg Beautification

Shapely, proportional, straight and slender legs are considered especially attractive. Harmony or disharmony between the upper and lower leg is visible through clothing, like leggings, trousers and clothes that expose the legs. Summer clothes and beachwear reveals the problematic areas more and most people with this problem lose their self-esteem and trying to hide the problem with clothing, there are many cases where some people lose their self confidence to a level where they are no longer socialising with others. Leg area is difficult to cover, knock-kneed is a common lower leg abnormality which means the knees fall inside the midline of the legs, it is one of the biggest aesthetic problems which causes discomfort.  



  • Advanced surgical technique
  • Safe and simple
  • Short recovery period
  • No pain
  • No scars
  • Proportional leg area

What is Leg Beautification?

Knock-kneed or disproportional legs is one of the biggest aesthetic problem and cause of discomfort. Leg Beautification is a non-incisional treatment, which corrects the existing disproportion and the unpleasant look caused by the curvature and gives an aesthetic look to problem areas. Leg Beautification is an extremely comfortable and practical treatment that can remove any kind of excess or deficient fat tissue in the upper or lower leg. With Leg Beautification, fat transfer is also performed to improve and augment the area to achive a proportional look. Fat tissue is harvested through micro openings without incision and injected back through micro openings and the legs are shaped into the desired form. Doctor B uses his unique technique Cihantimur Fat Transfer in order to solve the problems in the legs and provide maximum comfort. The problem may be caused by bone deformity, disproportion in fat distribution, unless it is something that can only be fixed in a reconstructive method, knock-kneed legs can be corrected with Cihantimur Fat Transfer.



"The most important thing in Leg Beautification operations is to approach the area as a whole, instead of dealing separately as only lower or upper leg. The application should be planned by considering a reasonable and equal proportion and the upper and lower leg should be coherent"

Doctor B  


Who is a good candidate for Leg Beautification?


Anyone who suffers from fat dispersion in their upper or lower leg and people whose upper or lower legs are too thick or thin or anyone who has Knock-kneed or disproportional legs can be a good candidate for Leg Beautification. 

Examination and Consultation


Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Regional harvest areas, required receiving areas and quality and existing fat tissues and legs are examined. During your consultation Doctor B answers all your questions, and listens and understands your expectations and makes the planning based on your desires regarding. After your measurement and evaluation, your photographs are taken for medical archive. 



"The distribution of fat in the lower leg and upper leg is the most important point in the leg aesthetics. For example, if the lower part of the legs are thin, a reasonable amount of fat is removed from upper leg and transferred to the lower part. It is essential to achieve a harmony between both. Our filling material is the patients’ own fat, shortly we remove fat and transfer it to the required area. Rather than using artificial,  synthetic fillers, using fat filling taken from the patient's own body and compatible with their tissue is advantageous to the patient from every angle. It is easy to shape, long term and it doesn’t have any risks. So it brings a natural look; the transferred fat continues to live in the area and it does not disappear”

Doctor B  


Application of Leg Beautification

The Leg Beautification operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. The fat tissue that causes a disfigurement on the legs are harvested and transferred back into the required areas. The disproportionate and crooked areas is filled with stem cell enriched fat tissues, ın order to correct knock-kneed legs, which have a severe deformity and disfigurement. This method eliminates the possible risks of Leg Beautification surgeries and it is a repeatable application. Generaly in a single session problematic areas are corrected, but in some cases patients may need a second session. 

After Leg Beutification

The most important advantages of the application are observed right after the Leg Beautification, short recovery period, minimal pain, bruising and swelling is expected. Fat cells removed and transferred from micro openings without incision therefore it provides a huge comfort and recovery period is shorter. Operation is performed as an outpatient procedure and patients can go home after the procedure and can return to their usual routine in one or two days.


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