Genital Beautfication FATS

The course will consist of Persentation , and Live Surgery with Doctor B,the live surgery will be conducted with ( doctors and they will watch and live practice the Operation

The Course will also Cover The Genital Beautfication combined with Fat Transfer such as Skin laxity ,Female genital Functionality & Intervenations, Hemenoplasty Problem, as well as the course will cover how to work on the genital beautfication operation as one full operation, to deliver the ultimate results, not like the normal vagainal or libaplasty operation.

Course objective 

✓   To learn aesthetic and functional problems of genital area

✓   To recognize potential complications of genital area

✓   To familiarize with recommendations for practicing genital area aesthetic.

✓   To refresh gross-functional female genitalia

✓   To learn how to perform vaginal rejuvenation to tighten and narrow the vagina with new Doctor B technique

✓   To learn  LABIA MAJORA& LABIA MINORA- LABIOPLASTY, HYMENOPLASTY, Clitoral & mon pubis problems with new Doctor B technique

✓   To learn about natural fillers which can be applied in cosmetic gynecology such as Autologous Fat Transfer in genital area- stem cell with new technique by Doctor B

✓   To learn and to exercise new and old female genitalia interventions

✓   To learn new anatomic discoveries such as G-Shot with Autologous Fat Transfer with new technique by Doctor B

✓   To learn how to avoid potential complications in the cosmetic-plastic field in genital area

✓   To learn how to solve urinary incontinence with new technique by Doctor B


What to expect from course

Upon Completing this course , Student Should Have acquired Understanding of the surgical technique of the Genital Beautification combined with Cihantimur Fat Transfer and how to use as Aesthetic Treatments.
Through Doctor B Philosphy you get more fimiliar with The Genetal Problems, as ageing and Deformation.

The course is designed to teach how to perform practically the most commonly requested cosmetic gynecologic procedures in Genital Beautification procedure with Doctor B’s new technique.


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