Spider Web Aesthetic Course

This Course Will Consist of Presentation and Live Treatment With Doctor B.
The Live Treatment Will Be Conducted with the Team of Participating Doctors and they will watch and live practice the operation.

Spider Web Aesthetics is a revolutionary non-surgical technique for skin tightening and rejuvenating developed by Doctor.B 
This technique is inspired from the spider web, the strongest and the most elegant structure in Nature.

This newly developed technique is now being used as an alternative method of facelift surgeries in more simple and safe way with effective results

This safe technique can be performed on any parts of the skin where needed; the neck, arms, breast, buttocks and inner thighs

It is performed by placement of polydioxanone sutures to subcutaneous tissue via thin needles and knitting them together under the skin. Tissue reaction occurred against these sutures which were knitted just like the spider web results in collagen production with the help of fibroblasts and growth factors. Collagens surround the sutures and create a natural web structure.


Course Details:

Course With Certificate is 4500 €
Course Duration: 1 Day.


In case of you need more experience or you have more inquiries, or even you think you need to check more in the operation room, you are welcome anytime to have a 2nd visit to our clinic & to meet doctor B
2000 € Per day
For 3 days 3500 €



Yearly License: 

3000 € every Year,
The License will allow you to:

  • You will be Listed on our Website as an authorized
  • You be referred by our side for our potential patients in your country.
  • Come anytime to check the latest developments & updates.
  • Attending procedure related to this topic.

Course Objective:                                

  • To learn aesthetic and functional problems of Surgical Face Lifting 
  • To familiarize with recommendations for practicing Spider Web aesthetic.  
  • To learn how to perform Spider Web Aesthetic new Doctor B technique.   
  • To learn about natural effect of the threads and collagen with new technique by Doctor B                       
  • To learn how to avoid potential complications in the cosmetic-plastic.


What to Expect From This Course:

Upon Completing This Course ,Participant should have acquired an understanding of the non-surgical technique of Spider Web Aesthetic  combined with the Stem Cell Treatments and how to use this technique  in aesthetic treatments.

Through Doctor B's Philosophy participants will be become more familiar with Face Lifting Problems such as aging and deformation.

The Course is Designed to teach participants how to perform the most commonly requested cosmetic non-surgical procedures in face & other body beautification using doctor b new technique.

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