Cihantimur Fat Transfer Course

This Course Will Consist of Presentation and Live Treatment With Doctor B.
The Live Treatment Will Be Conducted with the Team of Participating Doctors and they will watch and live practice the operation.

The “Cihantimur Fat Transfer” method uses a closed system to obtain, process and re-deliver the fat tissue in order to decrease the fat tissue contamination with the environment, This Method Can be Applied Face, lips, cheeks, breast hands, buttocks, genital area, upper and lower legs are the areas that autologous fat tissue can be transferred to. In patients with volume loss, scar tissue or patients who need reconstructive surgery the autosomal fat tissue can be used in order to provide volume. Old and vulnerable fat cells are distinguished from the young and healthy ones and only the young and healthy adipocytes are delivered to the recipient site.

In some old techniques and some recent techniques the distinguishing process is not involved to the procedure. In these techniques the viability of the transferred fat tissue was not satisfying often resulting in patients’ complains as “the fat transfer did not last too long”, “the volume is the same as before”. Then; surgeons started to deliver more volume than what is necessary to achieve a desired volume after death of old and vulnerable cells. And this led to some early postoperative problems like excessive and prolonged edema, unsustainable and unpredictable results.

Course Details:

Course With Certificate is 4500 €
Course Duration: 1 Day.

In case of you need more experience or you have more inquiries, or even you think you need to check more in the operation room, you are welcome anytime to have a 2nd visit to our clinic & to meet doctor B   
2000 € Per day
For 3 days 3500 €


Yearly License:

License 3000 € every Year,
The License will allow you to:

  • You will be Listed on our Website as an authorized
  • You be referred by our side for our potential patients in your country.
  • Come anytime to check the latest developments & updates.
  • Attending procedure related to this topic.


Course Objective:

  • To learn aesthetic and functional problems of Normal Fat Transfer
  • To recognize potential complications of Fat Transfer
  • To familiarize with recommendations for practicing Cihantimur Fat Transfer.
  • To learn about Fat Transfer with the benefit of stem cell with new technique by Doctor B
  • To learn new anatomic discoveries and the best usage of Cihantimur Fat Transfer
  • To learn how to avoid potential complications in the cosmetic-plastic field

What to Expect From This Course:

Upon Completing This Course ,Participant should have acquired an understanding of the Important usage of Cihantimur fat Transfer combined with the Stem Cell Treatments and how to use this technique  in aesthetic treatments.

Through Doctor B's Philosophy participants will be become more familiar with Normal Fat Transfer Problems & The Benefits of Cihantimur Fat Transfer

The Course is Designed to teach participants how to perform the most commonly requested cosmetic surgical procedures in face & other body beautification using doctor b new technique.

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