“This is actually the essence of everything. We were born as an empty notebook. Some of us are lined, some are squared, some have colorful covers. Some of us become world-famous, some become the queen of their home. In time, we fill this notebook. Customs, culture, education, intellectual build-up starts to make us what we are. A cover of the notebook may wear off in time, it may be torn or scratched. As the people who are trying to fill the lines of this notebook with goodness, why wouldn’t we take such care for its exterior? We generate families, societies, nations but a person is always alone; alone with their body. Even only for this reason, we should take good care of ourselves. Your reflection in the mirror you see when you wake up, is the only thing that will encourage you for new day. We were created beautiful, it is in our power to maintain this because that reflection on the mirror deserves this...”
Doctor B

Of course Doctor B won’t give the names of his patients whom he had performed an application, due to patient ethical values and confidentiality. We can share some of the celebrities who have personally shared their experiences and given interviews while being satisfied from the results.