How ideal breast size and shape should be?

The breasts that distinguish the most specific difference between men and women is one of the regions where aesthetic operations are performed most following nose surgeries. Even if breasts do not have any function except mother lactates her baby physiologically, they are known as an important sexual passion center in almost every culture. This organ that helps distinguish male and female iconically is the most important symbol of femininity and fertility.

The breasts that start to grow slowly beginning from budding period age 8-10 in average complete its development with puberty accompany women during whole life. Growing and decreasing of breast gland cells temporarily has been seen during menstrual period and the greatest change is observed during pregnancy. They start to produce milk with pregnancy period and then delivery. The mother who lactates her child is instinctively programmed to carry out the divinest mission of World. Deformation is experienced in breasts of all women after the mission of lactating and the losses of form and vitality are observed by combining with gravity in time. Therefore, the loss of form in this organ that is the sign of femininity leads to lack of self-confidence in most women.

Ideal Size

Even if breast type and size is hereditary, some hormonal imbalances may lead breasts to overgrow or different abnormalities. As breast size may vary from women to women, both symmetry and size differences are observed between 2 same-sized breasts.

There are women who are complaining of loss of breast form after delivery and lactation as well as the women who do not like the size of their breasts. Before anything else, the advice I can give for the women who think to have breast aesthetic is to focus on the size of their breasts because it is impossible to talk about an ideal breast size. There are breast styles that vary from age to age, even from culture to culture. However, only subject that does not change in all is that breast is live and sharp rather than coarseness of breasts. For example, that a 170-cm woman and the more petite, pint-sized woman have same breasts demonstrates that the thesis that there cannot be an ideal breast size.

New, taintless, natural approach to breast deformation


The subject that makes us think uttermost in breast aesthetics is the trace problem. We can place implant with 3-cm incisions but the size and place of trace may change if mastopexy operation is required. However, we mainly perform implant placement by using the technique called inner mastopexy without increasing trace.


Ideal Shape

However, we have developed a new technique. With Spider web technique, we are revitalizing the breasts that their vitality and form are lost because of delivery and lactation and knuckle down gravity. With this technique, breast base and nipple height gets its previous form back again and breast globe is shaped into armpit. Thanks to this, the most natural breast form is protecting without touching required available asymmetry, and in short that is the ideal shape. We are revitalizing breasts and growing them in other words by integrating the Spider web technique we apply in breast aesthetics to Cihantimur Fat Transfer that we structured by using fat cells removed from other parts of patient body. The breast that is stretched to the place where is required to be, thanks to this, compatible and young appearance is obtained.

In addition, there is more important subject, which should not be definitely skipped in breast aesthetics. Whether implant is placed on breast or grown only with fat injection, the most natural form should be caught by performing some fat injection under, in front of and behind breasts. In short, beyond using something for the breast enlargement, performing last touch by the patient’s own fat will create perfect appearance. That is the ideal breast that looks natural in other words.

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