Doctor B's Philosophy

My primary goal is naturalness..

My professional principle on this subject is to suggest my patients to get the type of operations since it is hard to notice afterwards. If your work is not against naturalness, if it is not easily noticed, I think that it was done right. Other people should feel a change, vitality and freshness, but they shouldn’t be able to make comments about the reason, this is my criteria. If someone asks you “Have you undergone an aesthetic operation?”, I think that surgery wasn’t operated right.

I support the holistic approach..

Beauty should be perceived as a whole, it is a holistic issue involving inside and outside, soul and body of people. That’s why I argue that design and functionality must be approached as a whole and the operation must be carried out accordingly. Instead of spot applications, applications which have a broad perspective looking at the areas as a whole provide more pleasing results.

I stay away from mathematics..

Medicine is a science, this is sure. This is about the main rules of medicine. However, the basis of aesthetic surgery is the integrity of the components compatible with each other but you cannot apply mathematics. If you try to apply the formulas, sometimes the results will be beautiful and sometimes they will not. Therefore, it should be considered as an artwork and must be designed differently for each person. You can see the advantageous and disadvantageous areas when you look at your patient’s face or body. It’s significant to feature advantageous areas and leave disadvantageous areas out of focus. In short, the Golden Ratio is not for me.

Operation without scars or with minimum scars..

First of all, I suggest non-surgical treatments to everyone. There is a principle in medicine: If you can treat with simple methods, try those first because the first rule of medicine is, “Never hurt the patient ” principle. Therefore, I try to give the patients what they want with simple methods, and if it does not work then I turn to surgery.

Don’t break away from social life..!

I think it is meaningless to interrupt your life to become more beautiful. That’s why, applications which do not affect social life, have a rapid healing process with which the patients are quickly discharged are among my preferences. This is the main reason that I have developed effective, rapid and maximum comfort techniques.

Painless operations

I'm trying to perform less painful or painless operations. You don’t have to suffer to become more beautiful, I apply more comfortable operations to my patients. Believe me, it even accelerates the healing process. Happy patient means a short healing process.

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