B Team

B Team consists of supremely trained individuals and medical team who are experts in their respective fields, guided and supported by DoctorB.

B Team, have been trained specifically to provide comprehensive patient experience. B team assists and accompany you at all stages of your journey, starting from pre-interview, consultation, operation, medical treatments and post-recovery.

Thanks to the team, who takes into account both physical and mental health of the patients, they go above and beyond on assisting with various administrative arrangements such as booking accommodation, arranging airport pick-ups, transfers, so that patients can enjoy a relaxing holiday at the same time as receiving specialist treatment.

Medical team have been specially trained and licensed by Doctor B to practise the unique treatments and techniques developed by him.

B Team, aims to offer the best surgical and medical planning throughout the entire process:


Assistant Professor Dr. Jale Özdemir

Jale Özdemir, has devoted her educational life to plastic surgery and has a special interest and expertise in aesthetic procedures such as gynecomastia, tummy tuck, liposuction, BBL and body shaping.

She knows the criticalness of patients psychosocial and spiritual well-being before and after the operation and her ability to treat patients as a whole, is just one of the distinctivenesses. Özdemir places great importance to assure natural-looking results and avoid an overly done look or the need for reversal procedures.


Clinical Director

Candan Uçar


Head Nurse

Duriye Sunni


VIP Guest Relation

Evgeniia Vakhitova


VIP Guest Relation

Sabrina Habacha


Medical Photographer

Dilek Özmen


Content Editor

Emel Gerdaneri

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