B International Partners

Partners program is the application that directs the potential patients by new online system who wants to get services via Health Tourism.

Doctor B is a brand that dominates the sector both in Turkey and abroad about aesthetics surgery and medical applications more than 20 years and it is a leading firm with its expertise areas. Partnership Program will become a source of inspiration again in this sector with its exclusive infrastructure and operating system and it is a project that provides agencies to get profit without taking any risks and making investments but only with good communication they provide with potential patient.

This program is created as there is no requirement for agencies to make any investment and take risks, by this way it provides lots of advantages for both our partner agency and potential patient.

Doctor B brand is known with fair repetition and recognition by its applications that provide non-surgery, without cutting and advantageous for patient during recovery techniques developed in Turkey. We think that all of these advantageous privileges will charm many trans-boundary patients and also it will provide worldwide recognition by the expertise of the National Patient Department.

Nowadays many potential patients want to take services about aesthetics and medical applications but they are facing with many problems about reaching to these services and they spent serious time. Partners program helps you to find potential patient. By this system especially you can turn thousands of potential patients to patients and you can earn money on each of them without expending energy.

If you want to take further information and become a Doctor B partner, you can contact with us.


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