Doctor B is a world-famous surgeon who has many International awards. Even he has a long list of awards, the “Golden Bistoury” award and the “Physician of the Year” award are the ones which Doctor B is most proud of.

Golden Bistoury..

Doctor B talked about the Genital Beautification technique he developed to the plastic surgeons who have gathered in Monaco, 3rd World Plastic Surgery Congress to share information and examine the current innovations and methods. He received the Golden Bistoury for his quality presentation and application that shapes the future. It is an honor for Doctor B to receive the Golden Bistoury award which was given to only 7 people in the world including the Professor Yves Gérard Illouz who is the father of the liposuction operation.

Physician of the Year..

Among the En Quality awards which are given to original, independent and successful persons of business, art and media world, Doctor B was given the award of “Physician of the Year” due to his innovative and modern techniques and statements, especially the Spider Web Facial Aesthetic.

Success Oscars..

Doctor B was given the Turkey and the International Friendship and Peace Oscars award which is given to people who are found to be successful in the areas like politics, health, sports, diplomacy, tourism, environment, women issues, economy, magazine, cities after being evaluated with a “Journalist’s Perspective”.

Honorary Guest..

Doctor B was invited to 13th AMWC- Anti Aging Medicine World Congress organized by the high patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, as a "Guest of Honor" and the speaker. He attended as the only guest from Turkey to Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress which supports the creation of a highly active and scientific platform for anti-aging applications in the world for the last 13 years and he has spoken to more than 6000 profession members about the Otoplasty without Incision developed by him.

Smile for hope Nigeria Project..

Smile for hope Nigeria is a project of Help the Child Foundation in partnership with Doctor B. The project is designed to put smiles on people’s faces, especially children, spreading hope, love, care and a warm smile where people are struggling to earn a living.  Smile for hope Nigeria is dedicated to addressing the needs of children struggling to find food, clothes, school, shelter and medical care. 

Excellence Award..

Doctor B was the owner of the Excellence Awards. Tatweej Academy, one of the biggest organisations in the world, had Proudly Presented "Excellence Award" to the  Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur. This award is for the great investments in health tourism and successful international patient management.


Outstanding Contribution Award

Doctor B took awards of “Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Plastic Surgery “ at Azerbaijan Art of Beauty Awards Congress.


Fashion TV Best Plastic Surgeon Award

Doctor B has been awarded by FashionTv which is the only publishing company in the field who exemplified his work on the pulse of the fashion industry worldwide. Bülent Cihantimur received Fashion TV Best Plastic Surgeon Award on a special night with the most important names of the community life.


"I think about what it means to be a world citizen, just like everyone, should we first look at the developed countries or should we look at the Mainland-Africa first? Should we analyze known stories or hidden experiences? Arid climates like Africa and suffering geographies are the ones which reveal our humane sides, make us think to be thankful more and more in every step we take... Actually, this is the summary of Smile for Hope Nigeria project..." 

Doctor B  


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