Full Body Reshaping

Full Body Reshaping is a full body lifting and reshaping procedure that aims to improve the patient’s health who suffer from extra skin folds and fat pockets that cause a problem to body contouring and self-esteem of patients. Full Body Reshaping is a combination of lifting, liposculpting techniques which aim the improvement of sagging tissues related to dramatic weight changes or other body shape problems. The biggest deal in Full Body Reshaping is a diversity of procedures that should be done in single operation session, which requires a multidisciplinary surgeon who doesn’t only focus on specific areas of the body. The best way to shorten the operation process and eliminate all related undesired results is to benefit from the team of the aesthetic surgeon together instead of a single surgeon’s work. Doctor B’s aesthetic team of expert aesthetic surgeons personalizes your treatment using latest Doctor B techniques to provide you the best results with minimal risk. For satisfied results, personalization of these processes is crucial. Full Body Reshaping typically consists of operations like; Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposclupture and Brazilian Butt surgeries.



  • Focuses on different areas of the body
  • Performed in a single operation session
  • Multitasking operation
  • Latest techniques
  • Best results with minimal risk
  • Harmonic and natural results
  • Fast recovery
  • Instant result


“Aesthetic Surgery is a science, it is science in combination with art”

Doctor B  


What is Full Body Reshaping?

Just like our face, our body is also experiencing a loss of form over time. We observe some loss of forms on the body after frequent weight changes, during the physiological aging process intensified by gravity, caused by genetic heritage and especially after pregnancy. These losses of forms appear in several places, including the abdominal area, breasts, hips and legs as drooping and regional adiposity. Full Body Reshaping is designed to solve all these problems in a single session and reshape the body. It includes different techniques and applications which aims to solve the mentioned problems.

Who can get Full Body Reshaping?

Those who suffer from a total loss of form, drooping, sagging, excess regional fat and skin on their body, those who don’t like the contour line of their body and want to have a more stunning and impressive body can get Full Body Reshaping. 

Examination of Full Body Reshaping

The Full Body Reshaping examination begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Loss of form in your body is examined, reshaping techniques, operation areas and necessary applications are determined. Also, Doctor B answers your questions about Full Body Reshaping and hears your expectations about your body. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and necessary areas are measured.

Application of Full Body Reshaping

Full Body Reshaping is an operation, on which total procedures are performed. The operation is initiated in the areas which are the pre-determined and planned. Full Body Reshaping typically consists of operations like; Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposclupture and Brazilian Butt surgeries. Breasts are formed, lifted and enlarged if desired. Regional lipoidosis is eliminated. Fat collected by Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique is shaped through Brazilian Butt design without any incision.  The waist curve is formed and other planned applications are performed during the operation. On the Full Body Reshaping application, a new body work is done for the patient as a prepared project.

After Full Body Reshaping

Full Body Shaping is a very effective and popular operation which provides a total renewal to the patient in a single session. Patients experience the most comfortable process during and after the operation. Since several applications are performed on the body, patients are kept under observation in hospital for up to two days and they can return to working life within 1 week.


"The swelling, bruising and edema after aesthetic surgery shows that the treatment has begun at the cellular level. In total applications performed in one session, you need to be patient during the healing process"

Doctor B  


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