Aesthetic surgery after weight loss

I would like to talk about an aesthetic surgery procedure that has recently shone a star: Sleeve gastrectomy operations and after aesthetic surgery. After laparoscopic surgery in which about 80% of the stomach has been taken, we can refer to the skin sagging due to weight or as a post-weight loss aesthetic surgery as I mentioned in the title. Be...

There is a treatment for urinary incontinence, don’t postpone

We can provide a practical solution to the “Urinary Incontinence” problem with my Genital Rejuvenation method

A patient of mine came in the past few days. She is a 52 years old, menopausal and an extremely beautiful and well-groomed lady. I have known her for ten years, she visits me on a regular basis, we chat and we perfo...

Aesthetic breasts means “Happy Women”

The most preferred application preferred by women is breast aesthetic surgery following the cosmetic nose surgery. I use the word aesthetic instead of an augmentation, because what they really want is an ideal size, firm and erect breasts.

Breasts are the symbol of femininity, fertility and also one of the most important elements of ho...

What is Breast Beautification?

 Over time, a woman's breasts often change, losing their youthful shape, look, and firmness. Loss of skin elasticity is the main factor affecting these changes, which can result from: pregnancy, breastfeeding, gaining and loosing weight, aging, and gravity.

The aim of Dr. Bülent’s new breast beautification technique...

New era thanks to “Genital Beautification”

In this issue, I want to talk about genital beautification process, which brought me International Golden Bistouri Award in 2014. Sexual life is an indispensable aspect of human life. Such intimacy is required sometimes for reproduction, mostly to become a couple, and always to reinforce th...

'I had THREE litres of fat removed and injected into my bottom'

He's now spent an incredible £398k on 57 surgeries and Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has revealed his latest procedures have left him feeling battered and bruised. 

The 33-year-old, famed for his love of extreme makeovers, has now indulged in liposuction in his back, waist and legs after gaining two stone in weight and be...

New Approaches On Tummy Tuck Operations

New Approaches On Tummy Tuck Operations

Classic Tummy Tuck Operations' Age is Over


Tummy tuck operations are surgical attempts we do to our patients who have surplus fat deposition on their abdominal area. It’s a situation that comes with pt...

Fat transfer for strong hips in men

If you think that looking good is a privilege presented only for women, you are wrong, that era is over. Men ask also help from us. In addition, men make a request about Brazil butt ascetics that has gained momentum in women for last 5 years.

A news has been published in New York Times last year. According to the news, enlarging butt i...

How ideal breast size and shape should be?

The breasts that distinguish the most specific difference between men and women is one of the regions where aesthetic operations are performed most following nose surgeries. Even if breasts do not have any function except mother lactates her baby physiologically, they are known as an important sexual passion center in almost every culture. This ...

There’s no such thing as the perfect vagina!

I am going to tell you about a procedure, which has been growing fast and becoming more popular in the aesthetic surgery area. It is The Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery.

Genital Rejuvenation..

Is performed with my own methods and the vaginal area is taken in consider as a whole part during this operation and most i...



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