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Lip lift: Aesthetic touch between the nose and the lips

The lip lift, also known as the shortening of the upper lip, is aimed at patients who are unhappy with the length of their upper lips. If you look at it, I mean the upper lip, I'm talking about the distance between the upper lip and the nose.

We say the area between the columellar base (the middle column below the nose) and the reddish pink of the dorsal as we would like to express it a little more medically. For the most part, the ideal length of this area is said to be 12-15 millimeters. But of course, this range also varies depending on the facial features of the people and even the size of the face. Lip Lift is an operation demanded by our patients when they are far beyond these measurements and even at an abnormally long time.

Many patients who are interested in this procedure, which may be referred to as upper lip removal or ablation of the upper lip, should be clearly visible when they are resting, ie when they are not making lip moveme Read More

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