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The Sexiest region:Buttocks

Was it very ambitious? Yes, the sexiest zone, no breasts, no legs, no one else! We love curly hips instinctively

There is a rising trend for the last 3 years, the name is Brazilian Butt . Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, or many famous people have such a phenomenon that underneath is a wide smooth, full-bodied hips. If you ask 100 men, at least 80 of them will admit that the sexiest part of you is the lurch. Do you think that might be why?

If we consider human evolution, we can see that the only thing that mates face to face on the face of the earth is mankind. When man walked with 4 legs, he was the most attractive region of the hips, because the breasts were not even visible. But the pelvis was obvious and obvious, with a strong form of charm. Since then our instincts have undoubtedly regarded the hips as a stimulating zone. So we look at the hips instinctively, we find sexy. First there was a lump, the breasts would never wash his throne

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