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Total Body Reshaping and the effect of stem cell

Among the rising trends of recent time isTotal Body Reshaping. I can say that Total Body Shaping is a surgery that I am most used to and that I can enjoy most of my art and enjoy.

What is Total Body Reshaping?

Total Body Reshaping is a surgical procedure performed by changing the body fat, especially the waist, hip, belly and leg area. In fact, in summary, we take the excess fat and transfer it to the other area where we want to gain volume. I can say that we have to move from place to place.

May be you are unhappy with the fat on your tummy, you find your waist thick, but at the same time you think your hips are tiny and dull. We can gather all these surpluses and realize your hips with fat transfer.

How is Total Body Reshaping done?

We do this with liposculpture application. With your fine-tipped cannulas, your excess fat is drawn first. The vibrating mechanism at the end of the device also allows Read More

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