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Some fat will cover thousands of shame


What is fat and where does it come from?

Fat is a lipid that is used to store energy in the body, that is, a water-insoluble structure. When we take more energy than we use, our body is stored in the form of this excess energy fat. The fat is then taken up by the fat cells in the body and is similar to the small balloons inflated as the fat soaks up. Fat cells are found in scattered forms in our bodies. It's about how little fat cells are in some genetic predisposition. In addition, as we age, our metabolic rates change and there may be a change in how much fat is stored. Typically, as we get older, our lifestyles become less active, and if our food intake does not change, we start to store too much calorie intake as fat.

Basic Approach to Fat Removal and Body Reshaping

Now it's okay here. We understand what the fat is. Now it's your turn. What we do not want is how to remove these fats from our bodies. There are different b Read More

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